Momma Ishibashi by Naomi Hamachi
The story of a matriarch of Palos Verdes Estates Japanese America farming community is shared by a daughter from Naomi Hamachi’s Mamma Ishibashi.

Reflections on the Collections

As we enter into year four of the California Listens project we wanted to develop a new podcast, Why Where Matters, and a new series of blog posts, A State of Listening, about stories that have come out of our experiences in this project, and celebrate some of the wonderful short films we have collected.  You can learn about our process by watching the documentary we made in 2017, but in short, these are all the efforts of amateurs, working over a couple of days, writing, recording, selecting images and editing.   Our job is to have the storytellers leave a piece of their unique voice, their unique insights, into these stories, so they stand up overtime as snapshots of what it means to be Californian here in the 21st Century.

Why Where Matters
Episode 1

A State Of Listening
California Listens Blog

Post 1 – Dreams Deconstructed by Joe Lambert
Post 2  My California Listens Story by Tatiana Beller
Post 3 Thoughts on Adoption by Tatiana Beller
Post 4 Exile from Los Angeles by Tatiana Beller


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