Special Projects

Lawrence Solis, at Whittier Library, May 11, 2019 Photo by William Short

As StoryCenter entered our fourth year of work with libraries around California, we wanted to expand upon our offerings of program support with a series of special projects to capture different kinds of stories, with more specific constituencies.  We implemented 8 special projects around the State, including:

Palos Verdes VR Memory Tour
We experimented with the use of 360° video to provide a prototype tour of Palos Verdes community.

TELL ME: Stories of Migration to Glendale
StoryCenter assisted the Glendale Public Library in capturing stories about people’s arrival to the city.

Whittier Veterans’ Portraits of Service
We captured images and recorded interviews with local veterans.  With special portraits by photographer William Short.

Stories of Justice 
We collaborated with the Los Angeles Public Library Edendale branch to create have people create a series of stories about the ways in which people are addressing issues of the criminalization of poverty in the United States. With special portraits by photographer William Short.

Images of Resilience
In collaboration with the the library community in San Diego County, and hosted by the New Americans Museum of San Diego, StoryCenter captured stories of immigrant rights activists at the US-Mexico Border.  With photographs by David Maung.

These Hands Workshop
StoryCenter brought the special These Hands template writing workshop to the Monterey Public Library, where participants created brief personal testimonies.

The Book That Rocked Your Worldview
Berkeley Public Library will host a workshop where participants told the story of a book that changed them in a significant way.

Home: One Day Storytelling Retreat
Returning to the Los Angeles Public Library Edendale to work through stories around the topic of Home, how we find, make, and keep our place(s) in the world.

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