Palos Verdes VR Memory Tour


The Palos Verdes peninsula has a rich history as an unusual, and beautiful, part of the Southern California Coastline.  From it planned development in the 1920s, to the historic Japanese American farming community along the coast, to sites of military installations, marine amusement parks, Loyola Marymount’s first campus, countless architectural gems, and new developments and resorts over the years, every part of Palos Verdes deserves a full look around.

And now you can immerse yourself in this special location, as part of  StoryCenter’s first experiment in 360 Immersive Storytelling, we present this initial draft of a tour featuring Palos Verdes Library district librarian, Monique Sugimoto, and our own Jonny Chang.

If you have a VR kit with a video player, you can download the project here, and plug it into your system, or you can get a sense from our youtube version below.

Photos Courtesy of Palos Verdes Library District Collection.

We also have a special interview with Richard Kawasaki.

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