Why Where Matters

Image: Joe Lambert – composite from personal material, wevideo essentials, and image by David Maung.

Why Where Matters

Hosted by Ngozi Oparah
Why Where Matters Episode 1 – September 2019

This is the inaugural podcast for the California Listens project,  that will focus on the stories about of the places we live in,
and what makes them important to us.  StoryCenter has been going from place to place, across America and all around the world, listening and collecting the stories of ordinary people, with extraordinary lives.

With California Listens, in particular, we have been privileged to hear the stories of the places that make us who we are, the ways we celebrate our roots, of find ways to create new places, and sink our roots.  This podcast will be a chance for these stories, and the storytellers, to be celebrated, and to work with local libraries to create conversations about what matters in the places we live.

Produced in conjunction with Making Contact.
Producer: Kathryn Styer
Supervising Support: Lisa Rudman


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