These Hands Monterey

These Hands Workshop – Monterey Public Library











For a few hours on

Sunday June 30, 2019 a wonderful group of storytellers spent a few hours making the popular form based writing prompt, These Hands, into short digital stories.

Here is an example:

The prompt used is:

These Hands

 These hands have held___________________ (something delicate), 

and lifted _______________________________ (something heavy) 

and ___________________________________ (something precious).

 They have reached down into the earth at__________________ (place)

where I felt the _____________________ (natural item/sensory detail), 

and the____________________________ (natural item/sensory detail).

 They have worked side by side with ___________________ (name of an elder

mentor or family member), and ____________________________

(another person) as we _______________________ (family or personal work

tradition) and _______________________________ (another tradition).

These are the hands that hold ___________________________________

___________________________________ (a value or lesson)

and ________________________________________ (a value or lesson).

These hands have learned ____________________________________

___________________________________ (something you were told as

a child about resilience or endurance).

These hands hold stories.  These hands are mine.

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